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PTTS Story

The PTTS Story.. Pre-Owned Truck and Trailers Sales was started by Gary Norton in July 2012..

Gary moved from Perth, Western Australia when he was a young 18 year old who thought an OE to NZ for a couple of years, would be a good way to learn about boat building.. After 6 months of boat sanding and sore fingers, his grandfather got him a HT license and introduced him to Richard Black at Flyways where he raced around Auckland as a courier driver for a few years.. Tied of missing dart tournaments he started relief driving for O/D's at Mainfreight and Roadstar.. Gary then started a full time job truck driving at NZ Bakels, delivering flour around Auckland. These hours suited his new love of Golf.. At golf he meet a few sales reps that appeared to be really enjoying their job, so he decided sales was the way forward for him..

In 2002 (Warriors made the NRL GF) Gary was the Auckland sales rep at the Rotorua based Roadmaster Trailers, being taught the ropes by Jeff Mear and Dick Parker, learning everything from how to design and spec trailers and truck bodies that was within the NZ dimensions and mass laws to running gear specification and building up his customer base.. After 5 years of dealing with back of the unit, it was time to move onto the front, that's when Gary started selling new Iveco Trucks with a great boss in Keith Tuffery, learning about everything that makes a truck keep moving and what customers look for when purchasing.. 5 years later and with no new trucks to sell, Gary tried his hand at selling Iveco's used trade in's. Selling used trucks n trailers stirred another passion in Gary with the ability to utilize his skills with his knowledge of the complete unit and what's best needed to refurbish them to what the buyer needs..

One day looking for a specific type of truck for a buyer Gary called Pete Barker at Freightlines who unknown to Gary had just rolled the exact type of truck that morning, so he didn't have spare one but Freightlines had just taken over Eagle Transport in Tauriko and Pete said I've got a couple of old Mack Bathtubs you can sell.. The next day Gary was sitting in Otorohanga with Pete and his father Jim Barker going over the 30 + units they wanted gone.. After a stern grilling over and some life lessons from Jim, Freightlines gave Gary the gear to market and sell on behalf of them..

Gary on the drive back home to Auckland to tell his beautiful kiwi wife Tracy and the 2 kiwi kids Ellie and Campbell what the future holds, he needed a name for the business.. Unfortunately a few weeks before a good old bugger named Garry Dunstan that Gary had worked with at Roadmaster had passed away. His business was called PTS (Pre-Owned Trailer Sales).. Gary with his old mate in his mind went with and started PTTS (Pre-Owned Truck and Trailer Sales..

PTTS have now marketed close to 700+ units in NZ working with customers from the 1 truck owners to 100+ fleet owners.. PTTS have the facility in place to accept trade ins on specific vehicles in stock and work closely with vehicle manufactures with pricing of trade ins.... PTTS can easily arrange finance for potential buyers, refurbishing of the gear up to whatever standard is required and valuations for banks and accountants..

PTTS is still going strong today with Gary at the helm.. Give him a call anytime..

Gary Norton Mobile: 027 556 6190 027 556 6190
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